• 8th Grade Academics

    Each grade has two teams of teachers. This site will allow you quick access to specific teachers or teams of teachers.

Department Contacts

  • 8A Hansard, Jean

    Email: jhansard@chattooga.k12.ga.us

    8A Nelson, Jeff

    Email: jnelson@chattooga.k12.ga.us
    Science/Social Studies

    8A Welch, Reba

    Email: rwelch@chattooga.k12.ga.us
    Language Arts

    8B Batchelor, Robbie

    Email: rbatchelor@chattooga.k12.ga.us
    Language Arts

    8B Hayes, Laura

    Email: lhayes@chattooga.k12.ga.us

    8B Osborne, Debra

    Email: eosborne@chattooga.k12.ga.us
    Science/Social Studies