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    This week in GA Studies,  we continue our study of the geography of GA (SS8G1abcd) Students have their first major test on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. Students can study the Powerpoint below or the Geography Powerpoint on the GA Studies Google drive. Students also have a social studies notebook that they can be studying.  Students that make less than 75% on any test will be re-taught and re-tested. They will be pulled during their Connections.  See resources below for standard SS8G1abcd.
       Students will be working on/studying their notebook notes or their Google drive in Social Studies for homework. This is a great way for students to study for the statewide GA Milestones test in May. Please check the file below that provides a summary review and review questions for Milestones.
         We appreciate the collaboration and support of our wonderful parents!
         Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. dosborne@chattooga.k12.ga.us or 706-857-2444.

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    SS8G1 The student will describe Georgia with regard to physical features and location.
    a. Locate Georgia in relation to region, nation, continent, and hemispheres.
    b. Describe the five geographic regions of Georgia; include the Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain.
    c. Locate and evaluate the importance of key physical features on the …

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