Instructor: Bannister, Rhonda Gail

    During seventh grade, students expand their uses of descriptive words and complex

    sentences, as well as their choices of modes of writing. Throughout seventh

    grade, students continue to develop the ability to critique constructively their own

    and others’ work. Seventh grade writers often attempt to imitate favorite authors,

    demonstrating increasing evidence of the author’s craft in their own writing.

    Because the degree to which a student observes writing conventions is often proportionate to that individual’s reading prowess, a natural increase in writing, editing,

    and proofreading skills results.

Class Announcements

  • Typical day in 7th grade

    Our ELA class begins with a Shurley English warm up. Students analyze a sentence using the Shurley English Method; followed by checking for accuracy as a class. Our mini lesson follows wihch introduces the standard and element that we will focus on for the class period. Next, our work period consists of activities that measure our understanding of the presented standard. Our class perioud ends …

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  • 7th grade has begun!!

    What a wonderful start to the school year! We have blinked and midterm is here! I am so pleased that all of my seventh graders are organized, well-behaved, and eager to learn. What a wonderful school year this will be.

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