• SOCIAL SCIENCE 6th grade

    Instructor: Cassandra Adkins

Class Announcements

  • Social Studies supplies

    Students will need:

    3 ring (1" or 1.5" ) binder with pockets and clear pocket on the front

    1 yellow paper folder (do not write on these please)

    pack of dividers or construction paper with tabs labeled as follows
    1. Location
    2. Culture
    3. Human Environment Interaction
    4. Movement & Migration
    5. Governance
    6. Conflict & Change
    7. Production, distribution, consumption
    8. Time, Change, …

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  • What will be taught this year?

    The 6th grade social studies course examines major regions of the world, including Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Australia. The following core elements will be studied throughout the year: history, geography, civics, and economics. These elements will permit students to develop the ability to make informed decisions for the public good as citizens of a society which is culturally diverse, …

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  • Types of Government Systems

    Please check the files below for a word document explaining the different types of government systems.

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  • CRCT Study guide

    You may use the powerpoint to study for the CRCT. This powerpoint is not mine nor do I own the rights to it. It was created by Bibbs County Schools in Georgia. It is located in the files at the bottom of this page.

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  • Books

    As of now, our book does not cover much for the European standards. Do not expect your child to bring home a Social Studies book until we are out of the Europe standards. I will be giving them resources in class. However, they should bring home their notes and their yellow folder. Thanks.

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  • Week of Sept 14-17

    Tuesday: Students will be introduced to a new standard SS6H6 element a and b. Students will also receive new vocabulary to begin studying immediately. The students will watch a video over the early ages of exploration and fill in a handout.

    Wednesday: Students will view a power point discussing Prince Henry the navigator and the main reasons for exploration.

    Thursday: Students will create a map …

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  • Smart Board

    Most of our lessons use the smart board technology. If I upload a smart board lesson, you will need the student edition of smart tech to be able to view the lesson. This is a LARGE file. However, if you choose to use it this is the link http://smarttech.com Look at the top, click resources, click downloads, scroll down the page and look for
    SMART Notebook SE collaborative learning software. …

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  • Week of Aug 31-Sept 3

    We are studying Europe!

    Tuesday: Discuss acid rain and air pollution and the impacts of both on the environment (handout and lesson are in the section files)
    Wednesday: The Chernobyl Nuclear accident
    Thursday: The impact of location, climate, and natural resources on where people choose to live
    Friday: Quiz over lessons taught this week. Also, some students will be taking a map retest.

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