• 8th Grade Promotion Information
         The second semester holds some exciting opportunities for the eighth grade students at Summerville Middle School. The most exciting activity, of course, is the promotion ceremony, which celebrates the achievements of our students. The ceremony is both a transition to the high school and a chance to say goodbye to middle grades. We truly want each student to be able to participate in this ceremony, so the following list is a reminder of the requirements for promotion:

    • Student must pass math class with a minimum yearly average of 70; and,
    • Student must pass language arts class with a minimum yearly average of 70; and,
    • Student must not fail more than one of the remaining academic and/or connections classes (all connections grades are averaged for a yearly grade); and,
    • Student must pass the math segment of the Criterion Referenced Compentency Test (CRCT) with a minimum score of 800; and,
    • Student must pass the reading segment of the CRCT with a minimum score of 800.

         Students must meet all five requirements to be promoted to the ninth grade and to participate in the promotion ceremony. Additionally, failure of the reading and/or math section of the CRCT will result in mandatory summer school. If the student passes the CRCT during the summer and has met all other requirements, then he/she will be promoted to the ninth grade; however, there is no promotion ceremony for summer school students. If a student fails the summer school CRCT retake, a promotion/retention meeting with the student, parent, teacher, and administrator must be held to determine the student's placement for the upcoming school year.
         Please take some time to discuss these requirements with your student. Thank you for your support as we work to enhance the academic performance of all students.