Ms. Martha Templeton, Principal
  • I started my career at Summerville Middle School in 1988 with David Jones and Harry Harvey as my administrative team. I remained at the school for almost two decades, serving as an ELA / Reading teacher and eventually as a literacy coach before my passion for professional learning led me to take a position as a regional consultant for Northwest Georgia RESA, serving teachers and schools with support for school effectiveness and professional learning needs. 
    From there, I was blessed to be recruited to work with the beautiful people on the island of Hawaii for three years, after which I took a school improvement position in Savannah, Georgia, working specifically with the wonderful teachers and administrators at DeRenne Middle School. Those years working in various schools in many places were very important to my own professional growth, and I am grateful to bring what I have learned back with me to SMS in my position as principal. There is something quite beautiful in the opportunity to come full-circle, serving in the same community I started in and building relationships with the children (and grandchildren) of the students I taught so many years ago.  In education, every year provides opportunities for all of us to learn and grow, and that is as true for the administrators as it is for the students.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to learn with the youth of Chattooga County again. 
    My administrative and teacher-support team includes Mike Shank (assistant principal), Rachel Groce (academic coach), and Christie Dooley (media specialist). We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to do this very worthy work with the teachers and students of Summerville Middle School. We value the input and collaboration of the community, especially that of the parents and guardians who entrust us with this work. Please feel free to contact us; we welcome conversation with you, as it can afford us the opportunity to support students more effectively. 

    “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” 

    - William Butler Yeats